Please support FREEMED, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Time magazine produced an article on poverty, “Below The Line”.  I mention this because it raised two points appropriate to FREEMED.

Time’s first statement was, “… health problems both trigger and perpetuate poverty”.  By providing prescription-drug assistance, FREEMED directly addresses this cause of poverty.  With health problems under control our clients are more likely to be employed.

Time’s second point, to be prepared locally, is also a FREEMED attribute.  After decades evaluating dozens of antipoverty programs, the president of research outfit MDRC says, “We are seeing a growing body of evidence that the things that work tend to be small in scale.” 

FREEMED may be a small-scale non-profit, but our clients were provided more than $1.8 million worth of prescriptions last year.  Our operating expenses are less than 2% of this figure.  Since 2001 we’ve assisted more than 3000 uninsured low-income clients from 10 counties in Eastern Idaho to receive no or low-cost prescription drugs from manufacturer’s patient assistance programs.  In 2013, FREEMED placed over 4,624 orders.  Still, these statements minimize our impact.

Imagine not being able to afford life-sustaining insulin and ending up in a hospital emergency room, near death.  Imagine an over-the-road truck driver struggling with health care bills for his wife and driven to tears because he can’t afford expensive medicine for her.  Imagine an abandoned mother with two young children requiring prescriptions costing far more than her meager support.  The list goes from students, hoping to establish themselves in a difficult economy, to the elderly on Medicare still unable to afford expensive medicine.  As vital as prescription medicine can be to survival, it still ranks below buying food or paying rent and utilities.  

Help would not be possible if it weren't for your generous contributions.  FREEMED depends entirely on contributions from individuals, churches, civic organizations, local businesses and foundations.  We receive no state, federal or United Way funds.